Leap Personal Finance helps community partners to address one of their client’s major stressors: FINANCIAL STRESS DUE TO POVERTY AND LACK OF INCOME. We aim to be a force multiplier by providing financial empowerment expertise, support, and tools designed specifically for organizations that serve expectant parents and parents of young children. 


Leap Community Partner Requirements
and FAQ's

We invite eligible 501(c)3 and 501(c)4 tax-exempt public organizations that primarily serve expectant parents and parents of young children to apply to become a Leap Personal Finance Community Partner to receive our free financial wellness program support services. Other organizations may be approved for partnership on a case-by-case basis.

If your organization is interested in applying, please review our criteria and guidelines carefully below to ensure that your organization is a good fit and capable of meeting the expectations of partnership that volunteers visiting our site expect.

Authorized Community Partner administrators are asked to review Leap Personal Finance’s Community Partner Expectations and Terms of Service below prior to submitting your application to become a Community Partner. When you agree to adhere to the Terms of Service and Expectations, you are agreeing on behalf of the Organization and all other staff member(s) who may work through Leap Personal Finance and its services.

Disclaimer: Leap Personal Finance has the right, at its sole discretion, to amend its partnership eligibility criteria and/or bar certain organizations or agencies from participation at any time for any purpose. This includes an assessment of alignment with our Mission, Vision, and Core Values. 

Being a Leap Personal Finance Community Partner means that Leap Personal Finance will provide your organization with the following financial empowerment services:

  • Access to our Leap Personal Finance Curriculum. 
  • The Leap Personal Finance curriculum is available in App format for the our community partner’s clients. The curriculum is designed specifically for expectant parents and parents of young children. Leap has taken the potentially complicated topic of personal finances and created an easy to understand program divided into bite sized content.
  • Leap Money Mentor Training
  • Leap’s community partners will provide volunteers or staff members who are willing and able to act as Money Mentors within the community partner organization.
  • Priority access to Leap outreach events and other special events. Partners are invited to participate in Leap Personal Finance’s outreach events to personally connect with potential volunteers from local companies and other groups.

Organizations are eligible to be Community Partners if they:

  • Align with our MISSION, VISION and CORE VALUES.
  • Operate primarily in the United States.
  • Are 501(c)3 and 501(c)4 tax-exempt public organizations. Other organizations may be approved for partnership on a case-by-case basis.
  • Serve a strictly charitable purpose and primarily serve expectant parents and parents of young children. 
  • Are willing to uphold our expectations of Partners, including but not limited to maintaining regular communication with Leap Personal Finance to keep  vital information up to date. Please see “Expectations of Community Partners” below for more information.

Once you submit your Community Partner application, the Leap team will review your organization’s information and reach out to schedule a required onboarding phone call or meeting. If there are additional questions before your organization can be approved, you may be contacted.

Yes, Leap Personal Finance is taking applications for new community partners to start in 2024. Leap is currently working with 4 test sites but is to ensure our curriculum and processes are ready for a full launch in 2024. However, we ask you to keep in mind that community partnerships are limited as Leap is a growing organization. 

  • The initial cost for becoming a Leap Community Partner is $2500 which includes organization setup, Money Mentor Training, and access for 20 participants. Additional participants can be added for $65/each.  Often, there are opportunities available to help fund financial education programs and we have guidance available for pursuing possible funding support. Please let us know if you need assistance with covering the cost of the program. 

Leap is innovatively designed to address the financial challenges faced by economically vulnerable young parents. Our comprehensive financial literacy app-based course merges bitesized learning modules with a unique blend of accountability features and real-life workshops. By offering easily digestible lessons, the course caters to busy schedules, ensuring engagement without being overwhelming. The inclusion of accountability tools fosters a sense of commitment, as participants track their progress and set achievable goals. 

"Money isn't everything. But it's involved in everything." -Caitlyn Kano, Leap Co-founder

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